Storm-chasing with Jesus

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by Donald Louis Giddens ©




 Isaiah 58.14 I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth. 

I had not been in Heaven long when Jesus came riding up to me on a cherub[1] and asked if I would like to go storm-chasing. "What's that?" "Chase the winds around the world. We will be watering the earth."


"Sure." "Then get on and hold on tight!" Jesus said. I put my arms around Jesus and  the cherub[i] sped with the speed of light. What I had read in storybooks about "floating on clouds" was wrong. Definitely wrong.  We flew like a meteorite across the horizon . Lightning fast.


Up and up we went above the atmosphere flying like astronauts.

Me and Jesus and the cherubs. They were there to hold back the wind until Jesus gave orders to move, Jesus explained.


Then, when all was ready the voice of Jesus sounded through the clouds, causing thunder to rumble through them like freight trains. On and on the thunder rolled as the clouds were startled into action by the thunderous voice of Jesus. ""Let's go." The clouds rolled along like calves through an open gate.


"You watch them over on that horizon and I'll watch them over here." Jesus ordered. (as if I knew what I were doing.)


"When they get out of line take this whip. He handed it to me. It was a bolt of LIGHTNING! Jesus told me how to snap it. With a flick of my wrist lightning lit the darkened sky from horizon to horizon splitting off into hundreds

of lightning bolts.


Rain clouds formed multitudinous reservoirs of water.


It would have taken 100,000 ships to haul that much water around the world, I would guess.


Jesus let me think I was doing something. Like a father gives the wheel of his car to his child, yet maintains control himself, Jesus let me drive the mega forces of wind, hail, and rain. However, he was in total control.

I think He did let me let it rain too much several places. One town that had not had rain in ten years got ten inches in one afternoon. It snowed in El Paso in July. Jesus said that snow would be on the ground two weeks.[2]


I think He was enjoying this as much as I. It was fun shoveling snow on unsuspecting people in July.

For me, that is.


One man shook his fist at us when hail broke his windshield. That was MY fault. First day on the job. Happens every time.


However, Jesus knew who needed rain and how much, who prayed and who did not. "I actually just show everyone mercy", said the Lord. Old Bill Smith down there who shook his fist at us just bought that new car with the tithe he promised his wife they would pay. Now he knows I heard him, too.


"Watch it, Nathan! That pond down there has catfish in it a foot long. It needs fresh water. That one- right over there."  I would never have seen it.

"Get that flower by that cactus. That will keep it until next trip." "Those rabbits need some water. That coyote, too. His name is Pedrito el Tercero Quinton."


See that skunk? Douse him."

Hah, hah. I did not know Jesus laughed. Wow! I would not have dared laugh if He had not.

Jesus explained that even the trees and plants pray for rain.

Wilting vines wept for the drops from heaven.


A shoot under a rock peeped out at the dark sky as drops parched its thirst.


Amazingly Jesus covered them all and missed none. I do not know how He saw the seeds under the sand. I guess He will explain that later.


Nothing surprised me now.

Everything was working according to God's plan. And I understood that.


God's perfect plan. Dad, do you remember how I used to always say grace, " And thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross for our sin."? I understood- that was God's perfect plan. I understood then and even better now.


We rode together, Jesus and I, urging the rain clouds along slowly not missing a place in Jesus' plans. We missed some. The farmers complained. We let it rain too much for the farmer across the road. He complained. A mile away we let the crowds hover over a lone pasture. Jesus heard the cooing of a quail setting on her nest, and said, "Senora Deborita over there- that pigeon under that mesquite bush just thanked us. We'll be back, Deb!" The mother quail,  Macita,  Julita, and Natan scurried out onto the hot sand and looked up at us.  Natan said, "What was that?" Julita peeped, "That was just God again." "It's OK, Tito."


"Well, I'll tell you right now, He liked to have scared me to death!." said Natan. "Did you hear that thunder?"

Papa quail, Barron, fluffed his feathers and gently urged them back under the mesquite in their covey to hide them from a wandering

coyote, Pedrito.


We rode on into the thick darkness pavilioned in splendor.[ii] Thick clouds of the sky surrounded us, yet, the brightness of the LORD caused coals of fire to be lit on the earth. The LORD thundered His voice and sent out lightnings and hail


Then, the hail reminded me of  worst time on earth. I was strapped to a revolving bed in Parkland Hospital. to circulate my blood. Paralized. In my dreams in between consciousness I shouted out loud, "Soldiers, line up. On your horses. Forward. March! Kings! Get in line! March![iii]

Then it began to hail as I rose up from the earth into the clouds. I kept rising. The hail and thunder  got louder and louder and louder until I could stand it no longer. Then, suddenly in the clouds a door opened into a pavilion[3]. A voice, said, "Come in here." I entered and there was perfect calm.[iv]


This is the calm I am experiencing now in the darkness. The thick clouds. Hail and thunder. Lightning. All I see is the brightness of Jesus, and all I feel is perfect peace. Pavilioned in splendor.


Suddenly the LORD left me alone on the cherub and I flew while He walked on the wings of the wind.[4] They rose and fell while Jesus surfed-  lighting the horizon in a beautiful rainbow across

the Carolinas. People stared in awe.


"Nathan," Jesus said, "Stay there. I have to guide this storm." I shivered as the waters froze into ice and hail began to fall from New York City to Charleston.


Jesus' voice echoed through the skies causing a thunder storm that rolled through the skies.

Again. Thunder and THUNDER.  

At the sound of His voice tornadoes began spinning like tops from the Master's hand. [5] Dancing. Jumping. Whirlwinds scurried along in New Mexico carrying plastic swimming pools high into the air like frisbees out of sight.[6] 


I clung to the cherub. What would happen now? I was to find out that day about both the mercy and the wrath of God. [7] I saw with my own eyes- they are both- the love of God.


He guided the tornadoes through pathless skies over uninhabited plains, around busy freeways. Children were rushed from the playground into school gyms safely as the storm passed by.


A taxi cab driver saw the clouds and thought he best hurry home. He tried to turn his steering wheel but felt no drag.

Then he realized he was floating through the air! What great relief he felt a block later when the storm let him back down without a scratch.[8] "Thank you, Jesus!" exclaimed the driver.

Across town the tornado lifted an apartment roof and set the edge of it down on the west wall of the bedroom 

a foot from the pillow of a grandmother

who slept peacefully through it all trusting God.[9]


People looked up in wonder, fear; then, prayer, and gratitude as they saw the storm rumble by in Topeka.  Most of the tornadoes did not even touch the ground. Their purpose, like hurricanes, was to force the clouds to carry rain exactly where it was needed.when it was needed. Jesus knew best.


We passed over Dallas and they never knew we were there. Yet, Jesus could hear prayers from people as they listened to their TV and watched the clouds.


Suddenly a barn crashed down. The finger of God guided a tornado through a  neighborhood where no one was home. [10]  Houses were  split into a million pieces. No one was hurt.


Jesus knew best. That I did not doubt.


In Denton, Texas the tornado went over a trailer house where a twelve-year old girl lay sleeping. It lifted her mattress with her in it, carried her through the air, and let her down on her bed safely a mile away still asleep. Unharmed. [11]

Cradled in the arms of God.


I saw as the tornado headed for an old farm house. Jesus said, "It's time! Don't worry. The couple there know me. They are ready. I have instructions from my Heavenly Father and your's to  pick them up on the way."


They spent the rest of the trip with us walking on the wings of the wind rejoicing in the presence of God.

The grandfather was riding  a cherub like a cowboy in a rodeo. Grandmother was holding a little baby who had landed in her arms from the vortex of the storm.

I cannot believe it. She was singing "Rockabye baby" to her! That was the happiest baby I have ever seen. She cuddled with astounding joy when she saw Jesus. If you would have heard her joyfully praising the LORD,

you would not have wept.


We rode on through the night lit with the brightness of God. I cannot tell you all I saw. There are so many things you will have to see to believe. One thing I know is we were singing new songs as angels with a thousand harps played the music. You could not hear them because of the thunder I guess.


The tornadoes stopped spinning over the Atlantic. We rode on with the rain like a train in the night.  Several days later according to your time we passed over our troops in Iraq.

Some of them bowed their hands in thanksgiving as the raindrops cooled the scorching desert. Little children rain and jumped in the rain puddles. Hardened soldiers smiled as the rain washed the dust off their faces.


 Rabbits hopped to get a drink in the puddles. A lonely little jackrabbit named Ryan hopped over along his ears pointed up showing obvious gratitude for the blessings of God.  To his surprise when he ran down a rain-washed gully there was another little rabbit- his age to play with. "What's your name, jackrabbit?" "Trenton the Hare" Mine's Ryan the Rabbit. I can run faster. "I can run faster, " said Trenton, so off they ran each happy to find a friend and a brother.


Meanwhile, miles away in the desert,  a cloud poured out enough rain to fill up a pond that had been dry for three years. Out hopped frogs! The frogs croaked their songs of praise to a merciful God for refreshing their dried up pond. What were they croaking? "Thank you, Jesus."

Jesus said, "You're welcome little frogs  "in frog language. Of course Jesus knows frog language. I heard Him.


 "You're welcome, Elijah the Frog, Kate the Frogette, Mama and Papa Froglegs. I don't mind letting it rain on frogs that appreciate me. In fact, I do not mind letting it rain on those who do not."  "I love you. See you later."


So, off we went as the sounds of a frog-choir harmonized praises. They were good enough to sing with the Philadelphia Orchestra IF you speak their language.


Ahead rose the mighty Alps. You would not believe it if you have never seen Jesus move clouds over the Alps! A trillion jet engines could not move the clouds that high and far.


"Why are we going this way? the grandfather asked. Whooh, this is too high. Hold on there, Cherub, do not go so fast. I have never been this way before."


"You will see", replied Jesus. ""Look down there on that cliff."


Do you see that plant growing out of that boulder? It needs water.

You brought all this water this far for that one little plant? I thought. Wow!


Suddenly the voice of God split the clouds with thunder and lightning.

A mountain goat gave birth to a little red-headed goat they named Lily for the red-hued mountain lily growing on the cliff. What a beautiful sight to see the ram and ewe rejoicing in the mercy of God

on a lonely cliff, upon a distant mountain far from water and the lush valleys below.


The baby  understood the thunder was the voice of God, and the rain, and its birth- a gift of God packaged in pure love.


The ram and ewe understood that!

I understood, too. So would you.


I wept with joy amazed at the God of Heaven and earth-


His Name


is Love.



[1] Jesus rode cherubs to fight alongside David in 1 Samuel.

[2] That really happened Mom said in 1938.

[3] Psalm 27. 5.  For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion

[4] Psalm 104. 3.  Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters: who maketh the clouds his chariot: who walketh upon the wings of the wind:

[5] Nahum 3. the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.

[6] I saw that one time in Seagraves, TX. They never found their swimming pool.

[7] Romans 1. 18.  For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of me.

[8] That was your step-grandfather, B. C. Anderson, in Lubbock, TX 1975.

[9] That grandmother was your grandmother Savonne Giddens.

[10] That happened in Wichita Fall, TX and many other places.

[11] I knew that girl.

[i] Cherubs,  (plural cherubim) are angelic beings you will see in Heaven. There are four now. Each one is responsible for a kingdom of God's creation- mankind, animals,  birds, and the wind for instance.

They are stationed on the four corners of the earth to hold back the winds in Revelation 1.7.

[ii] 2 Samuel 22. 11.  And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly: and he was seen upon the wings of the wind.

 12.  And he made darkness pavilions round about him, dark waters, and thick clouds of the skies.

 13.  Through the brightness before him were coals of fire kindled.

 14.  The Lord thundered from heaven, and the most High uttered his voice.

 15.  And he sent out arrows, and scattered them; lightning, and discomfited them.

[iii] I heard my son yell that then.

[iv] This part of the story also is true. It was my dream.

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