Giddens' Book of Records

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Giddens' Book of Records

This page is reserved for Giddens' families anywhere for inspiration, guidance, mentoring, prayer, and encouragement. Also, you may share inspirational stories of your kin: military records, religion, educational and occupational accomplishments, athletes, 50th anniversaries, most push-ups, most set-ups, most pull-ups, richest, poorest, tallest, shortest, funny stories- ANYTHING that could be interesting to other Giddenses. (This includes any family who spells it wrongly like Gideon, Gittings, Giddings, and also includes in-laws who cannot spell it at all.)

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Military Records

Gen. Francis Gideon, USAF- the highest ranking Giddens?

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We could  list all the Giddens-and kin that are in the services now here.

Olympic Team

Olympic Champions

Eric and Rebecca Giddens, 2000-2004.


Longevity Record

James Giddens 1711-1820 (109 yrs)

If your Giddens reaches a landmark such as 100 years or married 50 or more years let us know, and we will post it here.

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Sports Records

Click HERE to e-mail Don Giddens  to submit ANY sports , any age, K- college, any sport. The first ones posted will be the Giddens' World Record holders and will be posted here until someone breaks their record.

Giddens' Book of Records World Record Holder

Five year old soccer- Ryan Giddens 10 solo goals one game. Beat that! (OK, he's my grandson, but we will post your's too if you'll e-mail us with the facts! 2003

Five year old soccer- Josiah S. scored ELEVEN solo soccer goals in one game for a new WORRRRRRRRRRLS Record! My grandson. October 2006.

Becky (Giddens) S. ran a marathon in 2006! Congratulations Becky! Your proud Dad.


Educational Achievements

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The Day I Was Saved

Let us post "The Day I Was Saved" here- an account of the day you were saved.

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